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Tolpankankangas nature trail

Tolpankankangas nature trail

Route Map

Tolpankangas Nature Trail is a trip to the past: it was 11,000 years ago that Tolpankangas was created when the continental ice sheet melted. During the melting phase, the flowing waters carried soil from the glacier, and the sea, waving by the edge of the glacier, sorted the soil. Along the Tolpankangas Nature Trail, you will see these traces of the Ice Age: the gravel eskers and the undulating terrain. The nature trail takes you to the shore of the small Karhulampi Pond, sheltered by the eskers. You will find a lean-to shelter and a jetty on the shore, so you can go swimming in the pond. The protected spring pasque flower grows in the Tolpankangas area. It blossoms in spring.

Turn-by-turn directions

Trail description

The trail follows a forest road through heath terrain and then becomes a narrow path. The Ice Age has shaped the terrain into ridges, which bring nice variety to the trail in the form of changing scenery and elevation. The trail follows a ridge top before descending down to Lake Karhulampi. There is a leanto in a lovely location by the lake. After the lean-to, the trail continues and rises back to the ridges. Later it becomes a dirt road, which narrows down and travels through the forest.


To start the trail

Tolpankangas Nature Trail parking area

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