Hiking by River Väliväylä

In the Kannuskoski region, you can get to know the great excursion destinations of Väliväylä riverside. The area of ​​Kyykoski, Sulunkoski and Taikinakoski are beautiful places to visit. The...

Väliväylä canoeing route

Väliväylä is a beautiful stretch of lakes and rivers connecting Lake Saimaa and Kymijoki River. This easy canoeing route is suited for the whole family.

Tolpankankangas nature trail

The Tolpankangas Nature Trail (Tolpankankaan luontopolku) running on heaths and taking you to the shore of a beautiful pond is an excellent day trip destination.


The numerous lakes, ponds and rivers in the Kannuskoski area, as well as the Väliväylä, offer excellent fishing opportunities. The Kyykoski area is also suitable for fly fishing

Common beach, Otva


You can rent canoes and padle at Hujajärvi lake or we can trasport these canoes to the Väliväylä canoeing route.



The Kannuskoski area offers good opportunities for cycling.

Events in Kannuskoski

In the village of Kannuskoski, several events are held every year. Kannuskoskipäivä is held annually in July and the Harvest Festival is held in August-September.


Geocaching is a global outdoor hobby that uses satellite positioning to search for boxes called geocaching. Hiding caches and searching are part of everyone's rights in Finland.

Padel game

Welcome to play padel!Book a game online. Bats and balls can be rented.


Places to visit in the surrounding area

There is plenty to do for a holiday program in Kannuskoski. However, if you want to explore nearby destinations as well, here are a few tips.